Dr. John Lie

Zaterdag / Saturday 6 November | 16:30-17:00

How about the needles? (EN)

How about the needles? 

We as acupuncturists use thousands and millions of needles worldwide. What do we know about the needles, the quality and in particular the sharpness of needles? Electron microscope images reveal some of its secrets.

About Dr. John Lie

John LWT Lie, MD LLM
His alma mater is the Free University of Amsterdam where he earned his Western medical degree and masters degree in Law in 1990 at the same time when he was an exchange student following a program in Traditional Medical Science and Acupuncture at the Beijing Capital University. After graduation he worked till 2012 as a specialist in immunogenetics for unrelated bone marrow
transplantation at the Leiden University Medical Centre and participated in various scientific programs, associations and publications in transplantation immunology.
Also he participated actively in the Duch medical acupuncture society NAAV since 1998, first as a science commissioner, later serving as board member. From 1999 on his acupuncture practice is in Amsterdam.