Dr YK Leung Phd.

Dr. YK Leung PhD.



Tai Qi Quan and QiGong and the endless possibilities of selfhealing


Workshop QiGong and TaiQiQuan to activate self healing properties of the body. Which exercises you can do, and how you do those.

Born into a martial arts family, he started training at 10 years of age under his mother & uncles. Studied Design at the University of North London, but always taught Chinese Martial Arts to other students and this has been a red thread through – out his entire life. Through many years of hard & soft QiGong training he had reached successful levels of ‘Steel Jacket’ techniques and discovered being able to trigger other people’s energy fields, and activate their self-healing properties. He has many successful cases in psychosis studies but also in physical illnesses, were every time he just triggered the self-healing system of his patients. At the age of 53 he went back to study Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine in ShanDong University and competed his PhD at 60. He is a well known lecturer in various educational charitable organi – zations and in hospitals and Universities. He is now planning to establish an Institute in Hong Kong to continue the research in ancient Internal NeiDan Daoist Medicine what is commonly known in Western Medicine as placebo or natural body self-healing therapy using the tools of 3000 years old XingQi, DaoYin, TaiJiQuan. About the lecture: his experience with Tai Qi Quan and Qi Gong and the endless possibilities on activating the self-healing of the body in order to stay healthy and live long.