Jörg Schürpf


Lecture & workshop

How can the quality of listening hands help a patient/client to cope more efficiently with lifestyle disease?

Jörg Schürpf is the founder of the Shen Shiatsu Academy where therapists can learn to deepen their understanding of how to promote health through listening touch, rather than to fight against disease.

As an international lecturer, he loves to share his passion about how to develop the Art of Listening Hands being an extension of the Stillness in our Heart.

About the lecture & workshop

Our hands are extremely versatile and able to make things, to create, to reach out, to connect, to soothe, to dance and to touch. We can actually train our hands to become the instruments of our embodied compassion.

During the lecture we are going to explore how we can develop the different qualities of listening touch and how this can positively impact the patient suffering from lifestyle disease. Self-awareness is the key of mastering the Art of Listening Hands and will also be part of the lecture and the workshop.

The workshop is an opportunity to actually experience the gentle power of listening hands and how they allow us to connect deeply to the patient’s innermost and often unexpressed needs.

Land like a butterfly, merge with the tissue, the fluids or the energy & listen, listen, listen to the body’s innate intelligence. And, suddenly, your hands will simply know what is needed to restore free flow of information and energy.