Josef Viktor Mueller

Josef Viktor Mueller



The foundations of ,,Nourishing Life” in chapter 8 Ling Shu


The highest class of medicine treats destiny/Ming” (Shen Nong Ben Cao)

on the art of vital aging/Yang Sheng

Josef Viktor Mueller, is the director of BEN SHEN School for advanced studies in Acupuncture.

International lecturer, author of several books and numerous articles about the spirit of the meridian system.

About the lecture

In this key chapter a sequenced structure is presented that outlines Yang Sheng not as a technique but as a way of life according to a natural order/LI flowing from spirit to matter and being centered around the 5 Shén.

About the workshop

In order to fulfill one’s destiny or the enfolding of one’s inborn original/Yuan nature, a long and healthy life is required. For this purpose the state of the brain as storehouse of original/Yuan Shen as well as of life experience is crucial. Negative life experiences darken the original spirit resulting in degenerative brain disorders.

To restore the brain to health is the topic of this workshop.

  • The triune brain, a spiritual anatomy of the brain
  • Treating brain disorders by 5 meridian systems in a structured sequence
  • Nei Gong exercises for spine and brain (CNS)