Rolf Rothe



Miào shǒu huí chūnhou

“Magical hands bring the dying back to life” or “A skilled hand brings back the spring into life”


Yǎng shēng ànmó liáng fāng

Approved Anmo strategies for Yangsheng


Rolf Rothe, born in 1962, Heilpraktiker (non-medical practitioner), started his medical work in 1984 with professional training in western remedial Massage and Balneotherapy, followed by Sports-physiotherapy, Anmo-Tuina and practicing it since then. In 1996 he finished his TCM Acupuncture studies. Since 1995 he is asked to share and present his knowledge and experience about Anmo-Tuina in short courses up to complete trainings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also to participate on book projects. Since 1978 he is also practicing traditional Fujian Chinese Martial Arts based on Heyang Yuming Style.

About the lecture

The free flow of Qi, Xue, Jinye and the uninhibited evolvement of Jing throughout the whole span of life is crucial for health- preservation and prolonging life. Orthopedic ailments, traumatic disease, overstrain, exhaustion, but also emotional conditions will lead to limitation or even blockage or obstruction of free flow within soft tissues, muscles, sinews, ligaments and membranes; not to forget the reason of blocked joints on many causes.

This might or quite surely will lead to early degeneration because of malnourishment. But also the Zangfu then will “suffer” because of limited support and nourishment because of blocked or obstructed “pathways”. The lecture will show the theory and principles behind, but mostly the significance of Anmo-Tuina (manual therapy, not just but mainly within Chinese medicine).

The more a disease is manifested within the body structure (i.e. the body aside the organic structure), manual therapy is very much helpful to relax the body structure, release joint blockage, drain / unblock channels of all levels. This then too will support the functional activity of the Zangfu.

About the workshop

Anmo (Massage therapy) can promote health preservation and longevity by dredging channels, cleansing tissues and supporting circulation. The two hour workshop will show basic Anmo strategies for all three of the Sanjiao as the source of basic energies. As Anmo and Tuina techniques are mainly used for the above mentioned strategies, a few can also be used for strengthening issues.